Formulation and Evaluation of Sodium Alginate Beads by Emulsion Gelation Method

Maya Sharma


Aim: The aim of the research work was formulation and evaluation of sodium alginate beads containing voglibose for the effective use in the treatment of hyperglycemia. Materials and Methods: The gel beads containing oil were prepared by gentle mixing or homogenizing oil and water phase, containing sodium alginate, which was then extruded into calcium chloride solution to produce gel beads. Optimization: The effects of types of oil, and its proportions, on the morphology and release characteristics were optimized. A variety of oils were used to study the effect on the sustaining property of the formed beads. Results and Discussion: The oil entrapped calcium alginate gel beads showed sustained release. Scanning electron photomicrographs demonstrated minute oil globules on the beads and also throughout the inner surface of the beads. The beads also showed floating behavior depending on the type of the oils used.

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