Comparison of the Expression of Antihypertensive Action of Preparation of Different Clinical and Pharmacological Groups

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V. Sakhanda Ivanna


Introduction: Increased blood pressure (BP) is one of the most significant epidemiological, medical, social,
and economic consequences of problems. The results of many studies indicate that in one-third of people in
Ukraine, the level of BP exceeds 140/90 mm Hg, it is increased. There is a contradiction between the need to
adhere to the current level of therapy, which involves the use of new, as a rule, expensive techniques and drugs,
and the constant lack of funding for health care. Materials and Methods: Methods of statistical description,
systematic, sociological, economic, and statistical analysis, including variational statistics, correspondence
questionnaires, and expert assessments, were used in the research process. The study included 1568 patients
diagnosed with hypertension. As a result of the pharmacoepidemiological analysis, it was shown that the most
often antihypertensive monotherapy is performed for younger patients with initial lower BP values. Results: A
more detailed analysis of the antihypertensive activity of drugs belonging to the main pharmacological groups was
performed with arterial hypertension monotherapy. Therefore, it is important to analyze the therapeutic efficacy
of antihypertensive drugs from different clinical and pharmacological groups, safety, and their impact on the wellbeing
of patients. Discussion and Conclusion: Analysis of the structure of prescriptions revealed the dominant
positions of Agriculture Commercialization Equity Fund drugs, and, above all, drugs enalapril, among patients
with hypertension in all study groups, regardless of age and gender, as well as regimens of antihypertensive
therapy. A retrospective study of the antihypertensive effect of drugs from different clinical and therapeutic groups
revealed no significant differences, but significant differences were noted when comparing the original drugs with
their reproduced analogs (generics)


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Ivanna, V. S. (2020). Comparison of the Expression of Antihypertensive Action of Preparation of Different Clinical and Pharmacological Groups. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP), 14(2).