Solubility of Drug Olopatadine Mouth Dissolving Film

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Ahirwar Varsha


Objective: This study was to perform their solubility of drug olopatadine oral film to evaluate their solubility
mouth dissolving film in different solvent and artificial saliva and drug olopatadine hydrochloride solubility in
different solvent. Materials and Methods: The olopatadine hydrochloride film was prepared by solvent casting
method that is used for prepared oral strip solubility study in ex vivo method for avoid animal testing this study
easy to help for solubility testing of film in saliva dissolution time solubility of drug to check in ultravioletspectrophotometric
method. Results: The prepared oral strip showed satisfactory results for the evaluation
parameters oral strip as optimized batch was evaluated. Conclusion: Overall this study indicated the enhancing
the solubility of a poorly water soluble drug and this film formulation is easily solubilized the drug and its
bioavailability is increased. Solubility of drug in different solvent is study in this formulation.


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