Design and Evaluation of Captopril-loaded Niosomes

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Angilicam Avinash


Aim: The goal of this study is to design a niosomal carrier system for captopril for the treatment of hypertension
that is capable of delivering the encapsulated drug over a prolonged period of time by overcoming the limitations
of conventional dosage forms. Captopril is a water-soluble drug but has low permeability. The main objective
is to improve bioavailability and permeability. Materials and Methods: The niosomes are prepared by thin
film hydration method, using materials like non-ionic surfactants (Span 20, Span 40, Span 60, and Span 80) and
solvents such as chloroform and ethanol. Results and Discussion: The FTIR results revealed that there is no
interaction between captopril and excipients. All the formulations showed better encapsulation efficacy. SEM
analysis revealed the size reduction of captopril-loaded niosomes. The dissolution studies showed prolonged drug
release. Conclusion: On comprising all formulations, F3 showed sustained release of 98.44% up to 12 h. This
may be due to the longest saturated alkyl chain and shows the highest entrapment.


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