Refund Policy

We implement a reasonable refund policy based on the publishing status.

  1. Fully refund: online version is unpublished.
  2. Half refund: online version is published and print version is unpublished.
  3. No refund: both the online and print version is published.

The corresponding author must inform about the withdrawal of the article before the acceptance from the Journal and the withdrawal should be before 14 days from sending the article. If the corresponding author fails to withdraw (Cancellation) the article before 14 days, he/she needs to pay a minimum charge for withdrawal (Cancellation). If the paper has been accepted, then the Corresponding author needs to pay the charges before publication. In case, when the article has been published and there is a breach in the research or the conduct of the Author, our journal has all rights to retract the article and No refund will be provided. If any author wants to retract the article there will be no refund in Content checking Charges.