A Comparative Study of Morphological and Anatomical Characteristics of Herbal Powder and Cut-pressed Granules Derived from Tripartite Bur-marigold

Olga Vladimirovna Evdokimova


Aim: To confirm the medicines derived from tripartite bur-marigold herb compliance with quality parameters, including characteristic plant-specific microscopic features. At present, there’s a strong need in studies related to the development of resource-saving technologies aimed at widening the range of herbal medicines manufactured in various forms. Materials and Methods: Comparative analysis of anatomical and diagnostic features of two dosage forms (powder and cut-pressed granules) derived from tripartite bur-marigold herb was conducted. Results: In the course of analysis diagnostic features specific to tripartite bur-marigold herb was identified in cut-pressed granules: The presence of epidermal cells of leaves with sinuous walls and numerous anomocytic stomata, eruciform hairs, thick-walled hairs, mesophyll with secretory passages filled with brown content, aerenchyma, epidermal cells of membranous bract leaf with slightly sinuous and moniliform thickened cell walls, tightly packed rectangular cells of epidermis stem, large cells of the parenchyma of the stem, prickly pollen of rounded polyhedral shape, square, pentagonal and hexagonal cells with uniformly thickened walls of achenes’ cover fabric and unicellular, and thick hairs of achenes. Conclusions: The results of the analysis allow us to conclude that the preparation of cut-pressed granules preserves basic anatomical and diagnostic features of tripartite bur-marigold herb. In other words, the production process does not affect the manifestation of features, which can be distinguished during the microscopic analysis of the dosage form, and cut-pressed granules of tripartite bur-marigold herb can be assessed, in accordance with the State Pharmacopoeia, by their microscopic features.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22377/ajp.v11i01.1102


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