Phytochemical Composition and Pharmaceutical Potential of Lantana sp: A Review

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Dr. Lokesh Ravi


Lantana is a common plant found in around 60 tropical and subtropical countries worldwide. It is a highly
invasive species that has tremendously dominated over other species of plants and threaten biodiversity. At
present, physical, chemical, and biological agents are in consideration to eradicate this plant to prevent the threat
to biodiversity and soil fertility. Lantana is considered as an unwanted plant and its biomass is disposed off. In
this review, the pharmaceutical potential of this plant and its phytochemical constituents are discussed. Being
source for wide variety of bioactive phytochemicals, Lantana is a valuable pharmaceutical raw material. Hence,
instead of eradicating the plant as waste material, its pharmaceutical potentials such as antioxidant, antidiabetic,
antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer activities can be exploited for the possible application as
therapeutic agent. The modern medicine can take advantage of the fast-growing nature of this plant and use this
plant as a tool for biopharming. In traditional medicine, Lantana has been used in formulation along with other
plants as a treatment for several ailments. This review concludes that Lantana is a medicinally valuable plant, with
huge potential in the pharmaceutical industry.


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