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Effective July 1, 2008 AJP has become open access. It
is now on free submission and free download basis.
New look on the web, as well as on print, has made the
journal a hot item. Today (July 25, 2008, 11:20 am), as I
am writing this editorial, site statistics indicate that in
the last 25 days, Volume 2(1) has already been viewed
10648 times with ‘Orodispersible Tablets: An Overview;
by Suresh Bandari, Rajendar Kumar Mittapalli, Ramesh
Gannu, Yamsani Madhusudan RaoÂ’ toping the tally with
score of 1803.
It is customary to rate the scientific journal on the
basis of impact factor (IF); however till such time the
IF becomes available to AJP, we can rely on target (not
television) rating point (TRP). Although we are in the
process of putting special recognition/reward for the
authors and referees of the articles that have high quality
and generate high traffic, till that time let the ‘viewed’
score be the sole basis of rating any article. Hence,
all are requested to keep looking the site statistics to
make assessment of the knowledge that either you
contributed to the journal or are taking from.


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